PIRATE05AMHistorically, Ken always creates for his children a birthday party complete with an elaborate homemade themed cake of their choosing. In that spirit, I decided it was his turn this year. Now, there are very few themes that can be adapted to a grown up birthday party especially when you’re trying not to use your creativity and not your wallet. But by flipping around for examples on the Internet, I found it… the perfect one… pirates!

I’ll have to admit, it took some creative adapting since most of the examples I found online showed pictures of little Johnny turning three holding up pirate figures from his cake. But I was determined to make a fun adult(ish) pirate party so alas dear mateys, here’s what I came up with.

I thought it was very important to get into the spirit of things and to look the part so I called around and found a friend that let me borrow her pirate costume from the previous Halloween. Then from the local party supply store I grabbed a couple of hooks, some fake stick-on mustaches, eye-patches, pirate hats for the kids and a captain’s hat for the birthday boy.  We all looked the part.

Decorations were fairly easy. I hung up a couple of Jolly Rogers flags and then used streamer pieces to create a treasure map on the floor leading him to an X on the cabinet door where his presents were ‘buried’. The most impressive decorating happened on the cake. I put his son, Alex, in charge of that as he wanted to return the favor seeing as how his dad had created so many cakes for him. He created a treasure map complete with brown sugar sand on the islands; he did an incredible job.