RH-9780394800769-LgMy daughter shares her birthday with the one and only Dr. Seuss.  She thought that having her 10th birthday themed to celebrate that would be a wonderful idea.  Also in the interest of trying to find a cake so difficult that even Ken could not create it, she chose Horton Hears a Who.  Well, he did not fail us; the cake was very much Horton shaped and she loved it.  Also this year, Al was introduced to trick candles. I have never seen a child so confused and motivated at the same time.

To get everyone in the spirit of Seuss, we bought Cat in the Hat hats for everyone with the exception of the birthday girl who got her very own Horton ears to wear.  Ken’s daughter Gwen even drew whiskers on her face and dressed the part by wearing all black except for the white socks she wore on her hands and feet.  I wore my “Thing One” tank top.

Aside from the cake, the true highlight of the party was the very special Seuss scavenger hunt.  Clues were read to her in true Seuss poetry that lead her each time to an envelope containing a few puzzle pieces.  The puzzle when completed spelled out her very last clue providing her with the location of her birthday presents.  Also each clue left out the very last word of the rhyme that she had to figure out in order to advance.  The poem was completely written by Ken; it was well done, clever and a lot of fun.

The completed puzzle said “Look Up!” and written on the ceiling were the words “Ally look in here” with an arrow pointing to the attic.

Alpaca is ready to start her adventure,
So no helping her, friends, it’s not a joint venture.
For she will be asked to go hither and tither,
perhaps under a bed she may have to slither.
You’re looking for pieces that fit in this puzzle.
Again, there’s no helping, your mouths you must muzzle.
CLUE 1 (under the rug)
So listen to me, Al, and I’ll lead you astray
on an adventure we’ll share on this special day.
The first clue is simple, oh so simple and sweet.
Why, you’re standing right on it, it’s under your [feet].
CLUE 2: (in the freezer)
Now see? You can do this. It just takes some thinkin’.
Now place your new pieces right here so they’re linkin’.
The next clue is cold, I don’t tease like a teaser.
You might want to peer in my food freezing [freezer].
CLUE 3: (in the living room closet)
Now that was quite chilly, but you have your next clue.
Are you ready to proceed and do what we do?
Oh goody, I thought so, let me check my next note.
It says here you should look where I hung up your [coat].
CLUE 4: (on the bed)
The pieces, they’re puzzling…and forming a message.
It must be some kind of formidable presage.
I wonder what could be at the end of your quest?
Are you tired? If I were, I’d lie down and [rest].
CLUE 5: (in Melissa’s purse)
You’re getting much closer to that which you’re seeking.
Want to find the next clue? Well, it involves speaking.
You’ll have to ask nicely, with your Mom you’ll converse, see if she will let you look inside of her [purse].
CLUE 6: (chalkboard walls)
You’ve unearthed a smiley, and just one clue remains.
You’ve proven you’re crafty at computing your brains.
You’re quite the detective, you’ve got eyes like a hawk.
Your last clue is hidden near the walls lined with [chalk].