phantom_operaKen’s daughter, Gwen chose for her 10 year old party theme to be Phantom of the Opera of all things.  Now this was especially difficult for the lot of us considering no one had actually ever seen it.  So we all gathered together to witness the experience that is Phantom of the Opera as rented at Blockbuster. It wasnt’ the best thing I’ve seen, but at least I had some clue as to what to do.

We had a ball… literally.  I made sure that Gwen knew to arrive dressed up as fancy as possible.  Ken and her brother, Alex, both wore suits.  Al wore an extremely frilly ballet costume, and I wore a formal I had tucked away.  The room was decorated with streamers and metallic decorations that were hung from the ceiling.  We turned off all the lights and lit the room up with candles including a large candelabra that was used as a center piece.  Also placed around the room were red roses.

Before we entered the room, Ken disappeared and re-emerged complete with cape and white phantom mask to get the festivities started while the classic music played.  Then we decorated masquerade masks to wear at the ball.  Be began the music and we danced.  It was a unique theme that turned into a great party, and as a plus, created some very classic photo opportunities.