I learned a valuable lesson.  I learned that although I feel that my daughter is a talented artist for her age and enjoy framing and viewing some of the art that she has done so far, it might not be something as to decorate my entire house with.  

On our last home search, we encountered a proud parent that had not yet learned that lesson.  Don’t get me wrong, some of the things this young artist had done were very impressive, but there was hardly a wall throughout the entire house that did not contain at least one piece of this precious ‘art’.  The ‘art’ was not only on the walls; there were two mobiles – one made from silverware, the other made from aluminum cans – hanging from the ceiling.  I snapped pictures these as well as two particularly interesting paintings showcased in this whole-house gallery.  One was a lovely picture of what appears to be a very pissed off cat.  This was hanging in the center of a college of many framed works in the dining room.  I’m sure most everyone would like to have an irritated cat staring at them while they eat.  The second is most definitely a baseball player…possibly while they are looking at themselves in a fun house mirror.  This one was on the wall in a bedroom.  It would have caused me nightmares.