sticksI have seen some very interesting and peculiar things in some of the homes I have looked at.  Most of the time I figure ‘to each their own’ and dismiss it.  Of course, usually I like to analyze and poke fun of what in the world they might have been thinking first, but I figure it out or at least a good portion of it and move on.  Not in this case.  Inside the home was fairly normal, nothing extremely odd or impressive.  Just an average home that looked like most other homes we’ve looked at.  And then we went into the garage.  There in the middle of the floor was what appeared to be an unused sheet of wainscoting.  On the wainscoting, were sticks that had been wrapped in old towels and tied with twine.  These wrapped sticks were placed very deliberately and evenly apart.  What the hell? I’m stumped. (Har.)