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So last night I had a quiet evening all to myself.  Instead of doing the practical thing by staying at home and cleaning or catching up on my DVR shows, I decided that I would spend the free time having some me time.  I headed over to one of my favorite discount stores to do some unneeded shopping.  I’m not sure what the official name of the store is as some people call it “1/2 or 1/2″ and others call it “Name Brand Clothing” or “NBC”; all I know is this is the place where clothing from high end stores and mall shops goes after it has been marked down and won’t sell.  I always find some treasure there that I can’t live without. 

As per my usual routing I shopped around and found a bunch of stuff to try on.  I looked over everything thoroughly and had decided on two really cute dresses, set them aside, and started picking up.  Just when I had zipped up my jeans, I started hearing this strange commotion.  I grabbed my stuff and headed out to see what the deal was.  People were yelling “Fire!” and other people were trying to figure out if the people yelling were doing it as a joke or if there was really an issue.  Sure enough, I rounded the corner and saw the smoke billowing.  Upon further inspection, there it was… in the back corner of the store a few racks of clothing were up in blazes.  Huge flames and lots of dark smoke.  One person had grabbed a fire extinguisher but couldn’t get it to work.  It was then that the staff started trying to herd the customers out of the store. 

This was also when it became a bit odd and surreal for me.  I remember being a little depressed that after all that, I would not be able to purchase my dresses.  I remember that everyone had huddled around the door… on the inside.  I assume that collectively these people don’t understand what ‘evacuate’ means.  I excused my way through 30 people to get out of the door, calmly walked to my car and drove away.  I was the ONLY person that did this.  It was weird.  I remember questioning myself as to whether or not I practiced good fire etiquette as I drove past all of the police cars and fire trucks headed that way.  I have no idea, but leaving as opposed to hanging around and suffering personal damage seemed like the practical choice at the time. 

It was a bit later that I reported this to Ken and he and Scoot started searching the news for it. Nothing.  Nothing until Scoot found a one word description provided by the Lenexa police department… “Arson. “  Well, duh.  It was also then that the puns started flying.  “How was the fire sale?”  “Did you get any smokin’ deals?”  “Find any burning hot sales?”  You get the picture.