hidden objects

I’m not a big video game person, but I do enjoy certain puzzle games.  I’ve recently gotten hooked on the current online hidden object games.  I was originally introduced to these as a child with Highlights magazine, and I still think these are great.  In fact, they’re even better now that you can click on items instead of having to mark a page up.  The situations haven’t changed much.  The computer spits out a scene and then random items you have to search for and click.  For instance, it might be a market place and the items include different foods or kitchen utensils. 

Today at lunch, I decided to stay in and clear my head with one of these.  The scene was a subway car, and I was going to town clicking away at different objects… a wallet… sunglasses…baby bottle…just the average different items one might see on a subway car.  Then there is was… the next thing I was to find in the scene.  Seriously… I was to find… an artificial leg.  I’ve not been on a subway, but I would assume that prosthetic limbs are not left randomly lying around.  But what do I know? 

For the record, it was in the box… just in case you are ever on the subway and you are in need, you’ll know where to look.