cartoon_clockHappy New Year everyone! So it’s the middle of January and I’ve not failed my New Year’s resolution yet…. mostly it’s because I’m late on making it.  I really wanted to come up with a good one instead the normal things like get in shape and lose weight, eat better, accomplish goals… blah, blah, blah.  So I started reflecting on myself hoping that this would bring about an idea of something I can resolve to change for good old 2010.  I didn’t, but I did find that I have many, many really strange quirks, and once I identified one of them, and really started looking, more came to light.  I mean… I’m really weird.  I can understand how shocking this is for the people that know me.  For those of you who don’t, here are some of the things I’ve discovered I do…

1)  When I’m upset…I mean really angry and I’m about to give someone a piece of my mind because I’ve had enough, I always begin my rant with “You know what?!?!”

2) I will tell you what time it is – randomly – even when you haven’t asked and don’t particularly care.  I always keeps tabs of the clock, and wll announce “it’s 5:37!”.  I will actually wake up in the night, and sleepily say what time it is.  Do you remember when you would call the bank and there was a woman that would tell you the date and time?  I could have rocked that job.

3)  Every time I finish laughing out loud at something, I make the same strange air intake noise.  Imagine you are making a hissing noise, but suck in instead. 

4)  When I ride in the elevator with one other person and they get off on a floor before mine, I compulsively go to stand where they were. 

5)  I touch random things. In a restaurant or a mall or anyplace really, I will find a light fixture or a pole or something random that I need to discover the texture of.  Sometimes these things aren’t easy to get to, but I manage. 

6) A lot of sentences I hear that have 7 syllables are instantly put to the tune of “Camp Town Ladies” in my mind and followed by “Do-Dah, Do-Dah”.  For instance, “Can you take the trash out please?” [do-dah, do-dah] or “Mom, my tummy really hurts” [do-dah, do-dah].

7)  I can’t go to sleep if my feet aren’t clean.

8)  I’m a radio station flipper.  It’s bad.  I was given an iPod last Christmas so I would stop it.  Even if I’m listening to my iPod in the car, I will still find myself longing to reach up and push the radio button.  It’s not because the music is bad because I will hear a song that this is a song I really like and then immediately change it.  I think it’s more important for me to know everything that’s playing than for me to actually listen to something.

9) I do not high-five.  For whatever reason my brain assumes everyone is trying to shake or hold my hand.  So, you put your hand up for me to festively smack in celebration, unless I really stop and think, I’ll reach up and hold it.  You hold out a a fist for me to bump, I’ll nicely wrap my hand around it.  I really have no idea why. 

I could go on as there are many.  I know I’m a bit different.  I kinda like it.  So, I guess my new year’s resolution is to embrace my quirks and to know that I’m special…. to continue to look deep within myself to discover my uniqueness and to love it.  That, and I’m totally going to lose weight when it gets warmer.  Oh… It’s 12:27.