About Me

I have the fortune of being surrounded by many lovely and interesting people, but there are two that are closest to my heart. My 10-year-old daughter, Allison keeps me on my toes, but offers a new perspective on many things in this world. Then there is my partner in crime and life, Ken, who at the core of it all is my best friend and my team mate.

I always try to do the right thing regardless of the cost to myself, and I have a very difficult time lying, but I will if I need to.  I am trusting in nature and try to be tolerant of all of the irritations in this world, but I give no excuse for ignorance, selfishness, blame-shifting or the inability to listen.  I enjoy people and their wonderful comical tendencies although I find that through them God is continuously trying to teach me patience.

I tend to be a walking contradiction which is convenient since my favorite thing to laugh at is myself.  I am a science and math nerd, but am creative, crafty and artistic.  I am not athletic, but I can figure-skate.  I am capable of tripping over a piece of lint on the carpet, but I try to carry myself with poise and grace.  I am thrifty and frugal, but will leave every light in the house on all the time.  I love to laugh and constantly strive for peace, but I will find something to analyze and stress about in every situation.  I am a clean freak with a messy silverware drawer.

I am an oddity magnet; many people assume I make things up until they have been around me for a while.  I often hear, “only you would have this happen to you.”  But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I take pride in my uniqueness and my idiosyncrasies.  I am constantly on a quest to learn, explore and discover, and hope to do it with much humor.  Life is truly the journey not the destination, and at the end of it all I hope to have more laughter than tears and more strength and bruises.