CIMG0011One of my favorite television shows right now is The Soup.  If you’ve never watched it, you need to.  It’s basically a weekly show that makes fun of gets you up to speed on the major things that have happened in the world of reality shows, talk shows, news shows and just about everything else ridiculous interesting on television right now.  It is hosted by Joel McHale.  There aren’t many individuals that are on TV that I have any interest in meeting in person, but Joel is an exception.  So naturally when I learned he was coming into town, I was all over it. 

I have to tell you that the journey to get there was quite incredible and frazzling.  Not only was I still recovering from a rather inconvenient stomach flu, I had also just discovered that I had lost my tickets and had to beg and plead to TicketMaster to get new ones at the last minute.  Thankfully I not only held down dinner, I also actually got in.

Joel was comical while discussing the same items that he mentions on his show, but down right hilarious when he shared with us tales of his little boy.  He explained how at any given moment he can’t tell if his son is a genious or a retard; anyone with kids can completely relate.  I loved it.

CIMG0010However, the most hysterical part of the evening came after the show.  Joel graciously handed out autographs and allowed pictures.  He signed the note card I handed him and had me hop up on the table he was signing things on for my picture, which Ken nicely took for me.  At the exact moment he took the picture, Joel leans into me and says about Ken, “Wow, is that your dad?”  Classic.  Still makes me giggle.