House Search: The Quest for a Home

houseCurrently I live in two places. The majority of the time I’m settled in my two bedroom apartment with my daughter. It’s a nice place, but it’s an apartment. Don’t get me wrong; it has it’s up points like an on call maintenance staff, a convenient pool and hot tub and the absence of lawn care. But, again, it’s an apartment. I have never seen the person that lives upstairs, but I know he exists because I believe he likes to tap dance and juggle watermelons in the wee hours of the morning. He also seems to drop a lot of things in the shower because it echos into mine and about scares me half to death each morning. There is also no garage, and no place but a parking lot for Al to play outside in.

When my daughter is not with me or when the feeling strikes us, we pack it up and head to Ken’s place. He rents a house, but it is really not much larger than our apartment. It does have a basement, but it leaks. It does have an outside space for Al to run around in, but there is a crazy lady across the street that will invite herself into the play time if we aren’t on the look out. Seriously… if we aren’t careful, we will find her in the living room. Also since I am anal retentive neat and clean and a bit nuts enjoy domestic chores, I am currently keeping up both homes.

Well, it’s time for change. I miss having a place where I don’t have to ask permission to paint… a place where Al can ride her bike and torment neighbors… a place large enough that we all don’t have to be in ear shot of one another. I miss having a house. It’s also time for Ken and I to combine efforts and create a home together. It just makes sense… both practically and economically.

So, Ken and I have set out on our quest. With the aide of our trusty buyer’s agent, armed with only an outline of what we need and an organized binder, we will find our future home. We are fully prepared for the challenge. Our perfect place is out there waiting for us. Wish us luck on our journey.

The Fox and the Hound

Well, I think we've found it... the perfect home.  It has great potential.  It's structurally sound, has a lot of space, and is by far the home that has the greatest total number of...

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I’m sorry, What the hell?

I have seen some very interesting and peculiar things in some of the homes I have looked at.  Most of the time I figure 'to each their own' and dismiss it.  Of course, usually...

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Dangerous Dinner Parties?

In one particular home, I discovered a very interesting design element in the dining room.  Decorative arched windows had been cut from two of the walls that were along the entry way. Instead of...

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Ring A Ding Fling

This handy public service announcement was written in marker on the garage wall of a home I just toured.  This homeowner had already moved out of this home given that it was empty, and...

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Cowboy Genius

I encountered this brilliant functional art idea in a main bathroom.  I can assume that this particular cowboy did not choose this wall color so I'm sure there is a woman folk involved here in...

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I learned a valuable lesson.  I learned that although I feel that my daughter is a talented artist for her age and enjoy framing and viewing some of the art that she has done so far,...

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The House of Non-Proportion…

I am a fan of home improvement projects.  In fact, one of the things I am really looking forward to in having a new home is weekend home improvement projects.  During my home search, I...

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During the last property search in our quest to find a new home, we experienced some extreme creativity.  I just always wonder what thought process someone goes through end up where they do.  I'd...

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