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Music Videos 101

Three Things
I’m old… I know I’m old because I find myself getting angry at ‘those kids’ for having their car radio too loud.  I also find myself talking to my daughter about things that she is clueless about that just baffle me… like film or cassette tapes.  This morning I came to another sad realization about days gone by.

It’s rare, but I happened to have extra time this morning.  I sat down on the couch and flipped on the TV.  There is really nothing on at 7:30 in the morning besides news and Charmed, but I landed on VH1 who happens to actually play music videos sometimes.  The next video that came on was actually a song that my daughter recognized, so it piqued her attention and she came and watched it with me.  She watched for a little bit and asked me “What movie is this?”  I just told her that it was a music video.  Another few seconds passed she asked “What movie is this from?”  I responded again “It’s the music video.”  She paused and then asked “What show is this from?”  Um…

I slowly turned to her and said “It’s a music video. Don’t you know what a music video is?” and then I realized… she doesn’t.  She has no point of reference outside of what they call music videos on the Disney Channel – on which during an episode of Hannah Montana they might announce that the new music video from the Jonas Brothers will be aired at the conclusion of the show.  This ‘music video’ consists of the boys dancing around on a brightly colored stage singing a portion of their new song.  There is no story or interesting imagery or anything relevant to the song or artist.  It’s just idolized teenagers performing Mickey Mouse Club style.  It’s sad, really.

I’ve decided that this weekend we’ll be having a music video marathon.  I am determined to show her the stories behind all the ‘old’ music she listens to on my iPod that she enjoys.  I’ll let her experience great creative videos like A-ha’s “Take on Me” and interesting ones like Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer”.  Hell, I’ll even throw in select Michael Jackson videos for current event’s sake.  Of course, I’ll probably have to explain why he keeps grabbing himself ‘down there’ but I’m willing to take that risk for her enrichment.

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Ally at workMy daughter absolutely LOVES to come to work with me.  I have no idea why, but she looks forward to it.  I don’t like to make a habit of it because when she is at work, I get very little work done as my time is spent making her occupied and answering four thousand questions, but every once and a while I give into her and let her tag along.  Recently, we had a mailer that needed to get out the door so I thought it would be a good idea to enlist her help as at the ripe age of 10 years old she is an expert at letter folding and envelope stuffing and licking – just ask her, she’ll tell you.  It had been a while since I had had her here with me, and she actually did wonderfully – she let me work and concentrated on her task.  I actually thought that maybe she had matured enough that I might be able to bring her with me more… that she can now entertain herself and work on her own things… that she can be here and let me work without interruption. 

Then I brought her back with me a couple of weeks ago.  The day started out with her calling me every two minutes on the intercom system (I’m so glad she figured that out) and asking me what I was doing.  Sigh.  Finally, I called her into my office for a meeting. I sat her down and explained to her that she is going to have to entertain herself… that I have work to do… and that I know she can do it because last time she didn’t interrupt me at all.  Then I told her that was her official task – to spend the rest of her time here occupying herself.  She told me okay and scampered off to play in the office next door.  I figured this would last for all of 15 minutes, but no, she did her own thing for the next couple of hours she was with me.   She picked up her mess when it was time to go, and everything looked great.  I was pleasantly surprised.

And then I was a whole lot surprised.  I came in the next day and started noticing evidence of her being here that I hadn’t noticed when we left.  Usually, I find one or two things she forgot to put away which is pretty normal, but this was pretty impressive. 

  • I had a total of three pairs of scissors in my office – two in my pencil cup on my desk and one in my desk drawer.  They are gone.
  • I keep a bunch of little plastic hockey figures on top of a bookshelf.  She not only rearranged them, she placed them all into less than attractive positions.  I need to find out what she’s been watching. 
  • She had found and moved two angel figurines on top of my filing cabinet.  They appear to be in a parade… one of them is on an eraser float.
  • I located several of my writing instruments inserted into my plant.  One of them is actually a pen that looks like a tulip so I can kind of understand that one, but the rest baffle me.
  • On the same plant, there are rolled up pieces of scotch tape on each of the leaves.  This one is my favorite as for the life of me I can’t begin to figure out the thought process here.

Later on in the week I found a letter addressed to me in her hand writing.  I was hoping that it might explain in some way what she was doing.  It reads.  “Dear Mom, We had an expection and we parsed oh were having a carnaval to with candy, food, games and Rides. Love Ally”  Yep – I think that clears it up.  If anyone sees my scissors, please let me know.

Fire Sale

Image = fire_sale

So last night I had a quiet evening all to myself.  Instead of doing the practical thing by staying at home and cleaning or catching up on my DVR shows, I decided that I would spend the free time having some me time.  I headed over to one of my favorite discount stores to do some unneeded shopping.  I’m not sure what the official name of the store is as some people call it “1/2 or 1/2″ and others call it “Name Brand Clothing” or “NBC”; all I know is this is the place where clothing from high end stores and mall shops goes after it has been marked down and won’t sell.  I always find some treasure there that I can’t live without. 

As per my usual routing I shopped around and found a bunch of stuff to try on.  I looked over everything thoroughly and had decided on two really cute dresses, set them aside, and started picking up.  Just when I had zipped up my jeans, I started hearing this strange commotion.  I grabbed my stuff and headed out to see what the deal was.  People were yelling “Fire!” and other people were trying to figure out if the people yelling were doing it as a joke or if there was really an issue.  Sure enough, I rounded the corner and saw the smoke billowing.  Upon further inspection, there it was… in the back corner of the store a few racks of clothing were up in blazes.  Huge flames and lots of dark smoke.  One person had grabbed a fire extinguisher but couldn’t get it to work.  It was then that the staff started trying to herd the customers out of the store. 

This was also when it became a bit odd and surreal for me.  I remember being a little depressed that after all that, I would not be able to purchase my dresses.  I remember that everyone had huddled around the door… on the inside.  I assume that collectively these people don’t understand what ‘evacuate’ means.  I excused my way through 30 people to get out of the door, calmly walked to my car and drove away.  I was the ONLY person that did this.  It was weird.  I remember questioning myself as to whether or not I practiced good fire etiquette as I drove past all of the police cars and fire trucks headed that way.  I have no idea, but leaving as opposed to hanging around and suffering personal damage seemed like the practical choice at the time. 

It was a bit later that I reported this to Ken and he and Scoot started searching the news for it. Nothing.  Nothing until Scoot found a one word description provided by the Lenexa police department… “Arson. “  Well, duh.  It was also then that the puns started flying.  “How was the fire sale?”  “Did you get any smokin’ deals?”  “Find any burning hot sales?”  You get the picture.

You know the joke…   Knock, Knock.  Who’s there? Interrupting cow. Interrupting [MOOOO!] cow who?


I find that when I’m not correcting my daughter about her tone or attitude or reminding her that she is not the adult, I am barking at her to stop interrupting.  I have been on her case about this since she was old enough to wobble into a conversation and demand attention.  I know I’m not alone in this because yesterday, I listened to Ken correct his daughter about the same exact thing.  I say it’s the age, but it seems that at 10 years old we should be approaching an age where it stops.  Well, I would say that except I notice adults doing this same thing. 

I have often been frustrated at the way manners in general have gone to hell in a hand-basket.  It’s so bad that when someone is actually polite and uses ‘yes please’ and ‘no thank you’ or opens the door for me it shines like a beacon.  It’s sad really.  What is even more frustrating is that I watch adults… people my age or older… barge into conversations and demand attention the same way my daughter did when she was toddling.  There is really no excuse.

We have a general joke around my office – we’ve used it for years and years… it’s my invisible unimportant sign.  I hold up my invisible unimportant sign whenever I am in the middle of a conversation with a coworker and someone barges in without even an ‘excuse me’ and begins talking over me.  It happens often.  Now, sometimes this is just the product of someone being desperate for information and in a hurry. In those cases, it’s pretty obvious and forgivable especially considering those offenders usually toss out a quick apology as they are rushing off to use the information they needed.  Then we have those that I refer to behind their backs as an interrupting cow.  I have worked with many of these over the years.  These are the ones that will just walk in behind me while I am discussing something work related and just begin talking over me about anything that comes to mind – usually personal – and will not quit.  Not when I glare at them… not when I say, “excuse me”… they just keep talking like I was never there. 

I’m sure you’ve run into these people.  They speak over you while you are asking the clerk something at a store or they will begin a conversation with you while you are obviously on the phone.  They are everywhere  – impatiently wondering  around with a false sense of importance and enough disrespect to everyone around them that they will stop at nothing to make sure they are noticed. What happened to these people that make them think that they or what they need to say is more interesting or necessary than anything I might be doing at the moment.  I swear, if I weren’t afraid that spectators would think I had a bad case of sudden turret’s, I would just yell “MOO!” at them until they stop and go away.

Misheard Lyrics

Olives, olives and EeyoreI’ll admit it; I’m old… old enough to not understand what in the world they are saying in many of the songs on the radio these days.  I thought this was just limited to some of the new top 40 stuff because they use those voice changing machines or have really quick, mumbled lyrics. Well, yesterday, while Ken and I were singing along to some music, I learned that it’s not.

Did you know that in the song “Need You Tonight” by INXS, Micheal Hutchence sings, “the 21st century’s yesterday”?  Well, good for you because for more than 20 years now I’ve thought he was singing “24 cents from yesterday” and had just assumed all this time that it was some pop-culture reference that I had failed to understand.   I was reminded that the same thing happened with the song “Voices Carry” by til Tuesday where for years I thought she was singing “This is scary” even though those particular lyrics are actually in the title.  Sigh.

If you think that’s bad, this ability to confidently sing along with the music using completely wrong words is apparently genetic.  My daughter on many occasions has come up with some great misheard lyrics.  Most of the time I just correct her and move on.  Sometimes, however, the words that flow incorrectly from her mouth are so beautiful it warrants them being sung her way forever.

Artist: Gavin Rossdale
Song: Love Remains the Same
Correct lyric: Gravity like lunar landing
Allison’s much better lyric: Gravity has noodles landing

Artist:  U2
Song: Vertigo
Correct Lyric: All of this, all of this can be yours.
Allison’s much better lyric: Olives, Olives and Eeyores.

And the best and the greatest so far…

Artist: Journey
Song: Separate Ways
Correct Lyric: Though we touched and went our separate ways.
Allison’s much better lyric: Larry touched the whale in second place.

Sometimes Don’t DIY

hairI consider myself pretty handy, and I love the challenge of doing things myself.  That coupled with my overall frugalness has made me a big fan of the Do It Yourself (DIY) trending of the last few years.  Obviously there are some projects that I can’t do myself… if I were to need to weld something for instance, I would probably seek professional services.  Now some things, like a craft project or many kinds of home repair, I will tackle.  Some projects go better than expected,  some things are more difficult than they should be, and some things you learn by trial that they should never be tried again.

Well, hair color is definitely one of those things for me.  It shouldn’t be; it looks really easy, and the instructions are pretty simple.  But the fact remains that I am sitting here writing this with red hair… and by red I mean the crayon color red, not the natural red I was shooting for.  It’s a red that might cause me to be attacked by hummingbirds as they mistake me for a giant flower.  So, I’m going to put on a hat to prevent pointing, laughing and possible air assults and go try and get it fixed. 

You live and you learn.

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