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I’ve never been on a subway…

hidden objects

I’m not a big video game person, but I do enjoy certain puzzle games.  I’ve recently gotten hooked on the current online hidden object games.  I was originally introduced to these as a child with Highlights magazine, and I still think these are great.  In fact, they’re even better now that you can click on items instead of having to mark a page up.  The situations haven’t changed much.  The computer spits out a scene and then random items you have to search for and click.  For instance, it might be a market place and the items include different foods or kitchen utensils. 

Today at lunch, I decided to stay in and clear my head with one of these.  The scene was a subway car, and I was going to town clicking away at different objects… a wallet… sunglasses…baby bottle…just the average different items one might see on a subway car.  Then there is was… the next thing I was to find in the scene.  Seriously… I was to find… an artificial leg.  I’ve not been on a subway, but I would assume that prosthetic limbs are not left randomly lying around.  But what do I know? 

For the record, it was in the box… just in case you are ever on the subway and you are in need, you’ll know where to look.

Sanitary Napkin?

napkinFor lunch today, I ended up with my boss and a coworker at Godfather’s Pizza. For those of you that know me, I try to avoid pizza at all costs; I just really don’t care for it much for whatever reason. So, I rarely end up at a pizza place and don’t know the drill. I was given a plate, went through the buffet and stopped by the station to get knives and forks and such. I thought I was doing well until I was derailed by the napkins. Not only did they have something for me to read instead of just wipe my hands on, they were a bit rude. It made me begin to contemplate what others might have on their hands that might make one print this disclosure. In any case… eww.

During the last property search in our quest to find a new home, we experienced some extreme creativity.  I just always wonder what thought process someone goes through end up where they do.  I’d like to think there is a good reason or any reason at all for why some things come about.

Exhibit A: Ceiling Art.

ceiling art

Let me set the stage… this was an older home that needed much updating and repair.  According to the paperwork, the same woman had owned and lived in it for 42 years and by the looks of things, had picked out the wallpaper when the home was new.  Whew.  We found this impressive ceiling art right inside the door of the back bedroom.  Someone had taken advantage of the interesting crack in the ceiling and had decided by the look of it to shove any and every sharp object handy into it.  Some of the objects include safety pins, thumb tacks, a pearl tipped hat pin and the needle from a bicycle pump.  This is an action I can’t quite imagine an elderly woman doing.  “Well, Let’s see here… what am I to do with this extra safety pin? I know, I’ll stick it into the ceiling of the back bedroom.”

Exhibit B: Auxiliary Backup Handle

doorThis was the door leading to the basement of one of the newer homes we looked at.   First let me point out that this door locks…. from the outside. This might me great for trapping small children in the basement, but what other purpose could it actually serve.  More obvious is the cabinet hardware that has been added above the knob.  I assume this was added as some sort of backup handle, but it actually takes more work to use it as one would still have to turn the knob for the door to unlatch and open.  I mean, really, why?  I guess it’s always prudent to have a backup.

Run, Forrest, Run…

IceeThey say a picture is worth a thousand words, and boy do I wish I had one right now of what I saw just a little bit ago. I’m just not sure words can do this justice. While I was out driving to get some lunch, I saw the most awesome jogger I have ever seen. Usually, I don’t give joggers a second look unless they happen to resemble Ryan Reynolds a little. This jogger certainly got my attention, and there wasn’t any hotness going on… just beautiful hilarious irony.

This man was quite large, and although I commend him a great deal for getting out there and jogging, I really wish I could have been a witness to the thought process he must have gone through to end up where he was. First of all, he was wearing collared polo shirt complete with red, orange and blue horizontal stripes with his running shorts and tennis shoes. I might have not thought jogging his original intention had it not been for the circa 1982 head band he was wearing. The attire was not the best part. This man, with a determined expression on his face, was running along, eyes set on the prize all while drinking a gigantic Icee.

Do you think that this beverage was the only thing available at the time to hydrate him? Could he have been trying to run off the calories as he was drinking them? Maybe he was just rushing to the next convenience store to get a refill and to try a new flavor. The world may never know.

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